Poddin Changelog

Check out the Poddin changelog to see weekly product improvements
our team has been working on.

27 Jul 2022

New Upload, New Integration.

  • We brought in a new upload process and UI and now the upload time is 30% faster compared to the previous one.
  • We can now display the current transcription progress.
  • Our Integration has been developed! There will be many Hosting platforms integrating Poddin in the future (hopefully)!
  • Fixed bug in payment.
  • Improved stability

21 Jun 2022

We have extended the length of our trial. Goodbye, 20 minutes!

  • We are currently not limiting the number of hours of free trial use. But still 1 episode.
  • We have made a system-level update. Overall, it's faster and more stable.
We have fixed the known bugs.

29 Apr 2022

We've released the RSS feed transcription feature!

  • You can submit your RSS link and Poddin will automatically parse your list of episodes, just click on the transcribe. Say goodbye to uploading and waiting.
  • Back-end optimization and accuracy improvement.

06 Apr 2022

We have released a brand new landing page and enterprise plan.

  • As you may have noticed, we have updated the Landing Page with a lot of new content and brand new design.
  • We have launched a Enterprise Plan to better support podcast networks, producers and agencies.
  • We now have support for exporting to Word.
  • We have added pagination to the episode list.
  • Stability improvements and bugs fixes.

26 Mar 2022

We made a lot of optimizations to Poddin.

  • We've released a new UI for the editor, and we hope you'll like it!
  • We have launched our About Us page to give you a better understanding of our values and the way we do things.
  • We have launched with our blog to share our tips, ideas and insights on podcast growth.
  • This week we've made a lot of optimizations to Poddin, fixed a lot of minor bugs, and you may have noticed that Poddin has become much smoother
  • We have fixed an issue with the UI display of the speaker management.

21 Mar 2022

We release Transcript Players and Customize Vocabulary!

  • With Transcript Player, you can say goodbye to copying long transcript text into your website. You just need to add a simple embed code to get the transcript text player. Audience can download your transcribed text, enter reading mode and more. More features coming!
  • We now support Customize Vocabulary, where users can manually enter words to improve the accuracy of AI recognition!
  • We now support Auto-Save. 
  • We have improved the user experience of the editor, users can now select a paragraph to play.
  • We've added a blog where we'll share some of our tips, thoughts and ideas for podcast growth.
  • Fixed some bugs submitted by users.
  • Improved stability

03 Mar 2022

We have released Filler Word Removal and Profanity Filtering.

  • Poddin now supports Filler Word Removal. We will detect the filler words in your transcription file and remove them automatically, so that your transcribed text will no longer have uh, umm, etc.
  • Poddin now supports Profanity Filtering. We will automatically identify swear words in your audio and mosaic them. For example, s***, f***.
  • We released the multilingual beta version, supporting French, Germany and Spanish now.
  • Fixed some bugs submitted by users.
  • Improved stability

27 Feb 2022

We have an email notification when the transcription is complete.

  • Email notification when transcription is complete. When the transcription is complete, the user will receive an email notification. No need to wait, podcasters.
  • Interaction improvement of the control bar. Now the user can see more interaction status when operating the control bar. In a word, it's much better.
  • Added Happy Podcasters section to the Landing page.
  • Fixed bug in payment.
  • Fixed bug in reaching the usage limit.

21 Feb 2022

Poddin supports subtitle export. Also lots of bugs fixed.

Poddin supports exporting your transcription to subtitle files, in both SRT and VTT formats.
  • Fixed the bug of episode length. The length of each episode is calculated by minute.
  • Removed the animation of the Landing page.
  • Fixed the bug of usage balance.
  • Fixed the bug of reset date.
  • Fixed some UI issues.

14 Feb 2022

We have released the free trial and magic link for login/sign up.

  • We have released a new login/registration feature. Now our users can access Poddin by clicking on the magic link in the email. Say goodbye to annoying passwords!
  • 36% of Internet users use Google Login, so we released it too.
  • We received a lot of users in our email asking if we have a free trial. So after a week of hard work, we released the free trial. Each newly registered user has 20 minutes of free usage to test our transcription feature. 20 minutes is hardly generous, but for cost reasons, it's the most we can offer at the moment. We will offer more free usage in the future as our revenue increases. Taste before you buy, podcasters!
  • User can rename the episodes.
Remove extension from episode name.