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6 best podcast transcription services in 2022 | Poddin

Transcribing your podcast optimizes your SEO and also improves the accessibility of your content and grows your global audience, while you can re-use the transcript for secondary distribution on social media such as tweets, Instagram posts, Tik Tok, etc.

2 years ago   •   5 min read

In the last blog, we talked about the benefits of providing podcast transcriptions.

TL;DR, transcribing your podcast optimizes your SEO and also improves the accessibility of your content and grows your global audience, while you can re-use the transcript for secondary distribution on social media such as tweets, Instagram posts, Tik Tok, etc.

But how to transcribe our podcast?

Overall, we can transcribe manually ourselves or hire a VA, and in addition, there are many podcast transcription services (tools or apps) available for us to use.

But transcribing podcasts by hand yourself is too time consuming, and hiring an audio editor is too expensive. For now, the most economical and efficient way is to use a podcast transcription service to transcribe your podcast and then proofread it by hand.

What podcast transcription services are available?

There are various podcast transcription services on the market, big and small, and Poddin team has carefully selected 6 of them for you. We don't mean to cause any controversy as they all have their own strengths and you can choose according to your needs.

1.  Rev.com

Podcast transcript service: Rev

Rev.com offers an audio transcription service. While not specializing in podcast transcriptions, you can still upload your podcast episodes to get your transcribed text. With 60,000+ transcriptionists, Rev is on call 24/7 that it can provide up to 99% accuracy..

Rev's price is $1.50 per minute with a delivery time of 12 hours or less. The shorter your episodes are, the faster the delivery. Of course, if your needs are urgent, Rev also offers a $2.75 per minute rate to get you your podcast transcriptions quickly.

If you are not as demanding in terms of accuracy, Rev also offers a machine transcription service for $0.25 per minute.

2. Sonix

Podcast transcript service: Sonix

Unlike Rev, Sonix is an AI tech company and they don't have a large number of transcriptionists to do manual transcriptions. After you sign up for Sonix, you can upload your episode files directly. once the AI recognition is complete, you can get the transcribed text, which takes about a few minutes.

There is also a great deal of fusion available that you can do with Sonix

Sonix is also perfectly adapted to your workflow, and it gives you a seamless working experience through a large number of integrations.

Of course, since there is no manual proofreading, there may be some errors in the AI transcriptions, which means that you will need to spend some time to correct them.

Price-wise, Sonix is cheaper than Rev, at $10 per hour, and it also offers a 30-minute free trial.

3. Happy Scribe

Podcast transcript service: Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is more of an alternative to Rev, and they offer a broadly similar product with both auto-transcription and manual transcription.

Their automatic transcriptions can be more than 85% accurate. Their manual transcription service (which they call proofreading) is 99% accurate, but has a longer delivery time than Rev, within 24 hours.

Prices start at $0.20 per minute for automatic transcription and $2 per minute for manual transcription.

4. Trint

Podcast transcript service: Trint

Trint is a fairly easy to use transcription software with a great user experience. As an AI-based transcription service, you can upload your episodes and have your transcription files available within minutes or ten minutes. It's also worth mentioning that they have a near-perfect subtext editor.

Also, Trint's founder Jeff Kofman is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and foreign correspondent. So Trint serves more of the media industry, but you can still use Trint to transcribe your podcasts.

Trint is priced on a subscription basis, starting at $48 per month for 7 transcriptions. They also offer team accounts and corporate accounts, and accordingly, the prices are higher.

5. Descript

Podcast transcript service: Descript

Descript doesn't really offer a podcast transcription service, it's just an audio and video editing tool based on audio text.

But we can still use it to transcribe our podcast episodes, and unlike the previously mentioned podcast transcription services, Descript requires you to download the app, not the web app. They provide both Mac OS and Windows operating systems. You upload your podcast episode files and get both the podcast transcription text within minutes.

Descript is also subscription-based, with subscriptions starting at $12 per month per user and coming with a free trial that allows for 3 hours of transcriptions. If you are a student, educator, or non-profit organization, Descript offers special pricing for you.


Podcast transcript service: Poddin

Well. Well. Well. Finally it's time to get into our bragging mode.

Poddin is our web application created on February 1, 2022(Yes, we are still a baby relative to our big brother above.), and we specialize in providing podcast transcription services.

Unlike our big brothers above, we don't offer so-called audio transcriptions, we don't look left or right, we don't offer interview transcriptions, conference transcriptions, phone call transcriptions, etc. Rather, we concentrate on serving podcasters and are dedicated to providing highly accurate and affordable podcast transcription services to help podcasters grow.

We transcribe your podcast episodes through AI. We're able to deliver industry-leading recognition accuracy, and while we don't mean to call ourselves #1, we're gaining some traction in the podcast community and on Twitter. You can check out our low-key launch on Reddit.

In terms of price, we are very economical, with our lowest plan being $19 per month, providing 10 hours of transcription usage. Specifically, we are 8 times cheaper than Rev, 5 times cheaper than Sonix, and 6 times cheaper than Happy Scribe.

We provide an easy-to-use transcription text editor that allows you to handle your podcast transcriptions as if you were editing your documents. We also support speaker recognition, custom words, filler removal and profanity filtering. You can see more on our Landing page.

We have also just released a new feature: Transcript Player.

In general, this feature eliminates the need to copy large sections of text to podcasters' pages and means goodbye to long pages. Podcasters can add code to their website to add a transcript player, and at the same time, users can download the transcribed documents (which can be turned off), and enter read mode.

TL;DR, you can provide your audience with an unbeatable experience of reading transcribed podcasts.


There is no doubt that transcribing your podcast is critical to generating more traffic and visibility for your podcast. But there is always a cost to consider, and so is podcast transcription, so you can decide which podcast transcription service you want to use based on your current needs, or (allow us to be cheeky and self-promotional) try Poddin!

Of course, if you don't care about delivery time and cost, then hiring a VA on Upwork or Freelancer is a better option.

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