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What makes Poddin a great Descript alternative

Poddin is a simple and lightweight alternative to Descript. It is an independent, self-funding and fast-responding podcast transcription tool. Poddin is here to provide you the most accurate podcast transcription service.

2 years ago

What is podcast transcription?

Podcast transcript is a document that lists word-for-word what you say in your podcast episodes. It gives users the ability to read your podcast episodes, while benefiting greatly in SEO and growing your audience, so should you transcribe your podcast? In a nutshell, YES!

2 years ago

6 best podcast transcription services in 2022 | Poddin

Transcribing your podcast optimizes your SEO and also improves the accessibility of your content and grows your global audience, while you can re-use the transcript for secondary distribution on social media such as tweets, Instagram posts, Tik Tok, etc.

2 years ago

How to Get Your Educational Video Podcast Started | Poddin

The pandemic has brought with it many unforeseen problems for teachers all around the world. Students are uninterested in learning. Furthermore, if the epidemic continues, millions of them may choose to entirely abandon school.

2 years ago

How to Make Money with Your Podcast

It's wonderful to have a financial aim for your program, but even the greatest monetization approaches will fail if you don't first create a strong desire for your material.

2 years ago

5 tips to boost your podcast SEO

SEO, in its most basic form, is the process of improving a website's organic (i.e., non-paid) visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) by increasing traffic to it through free and organic methods.

2 years ago